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​Start our Bridal Skin Care program a year in advance. Start our Skin Brighten Program and Our Cool Sculpting Body Treatments for a gorgeous beautiful slimmer Bride on your Wedding Day..

​​​​With Our Wedding Day Package.

Know you’re putting your best face forward by booking a skin-care treatment before the big day (a custom, to-your-specific-needs facial or the plumping oxygen facial come to mind). However (and we can’t stress this enough) it’s best not to get a facial in the few days before your I do’s. Creams and lotions have the potential to wreak havoc on your complexion if it’s overly sensitive, plus, many facials are designed to draw out impurities, which can leave you with a lovely breakout or two that even your wedding veil can’t mask. So simply schedule a facial at least one week prior; or, if you have problematic skin, maybe opt for a series of treatments to be carried out during a six-month period or longer prior to the big day.  We offer many different types of facials. Some facials that require months in advance and follow up to read your face of brown spots and broken veins. Photo facials.  

Body scrub: Try a body scrub to slough away dry, dead skin cells and leave you with luminous skin. It’s the ideal precursor to a sunless tan (don’t get a scrub after!), or just a great pick-me-up that will leave you glowing. We love treatments like sugarcane scrubs infused with vitamins and antioxidants.  

Waxing: If you aim on being silky smooth for your nuptials, schedule a wax—but we caution you to do so one week prior to the Wedding.  

A step above all Laser it off for a carefree everafter!

Laser hair removal. Even better than waxing and to never have to worry about stubble. Start your once a month laser hair removal treatments for silky smooth skin on your wedding day and many days to come.  

Lash extensions: Pump up the glam factor with lash extensions to make your eyes look wide awake and lovely. 

Bridal Packages

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